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Raah Enterprises will provide complete program management including the fulfillment and distribution of your completed packages. We have the experience and flexibility to carry out complex re-packaging programs even under the most demanding time frames.

We have a warehouse facility of 60,000 sq ft in Brampton and 5000 sq ft in Mississauga. We offer a full range of warehousing and fulfillment services to our clients. We offer a totally unique and flexible service to all of our customers; whether they are sole traders or multi-national companies. We design our warehouse and logistics packages to suit all requirements and budgets. In order to maximize service to our customers, we offer a wide variety of storage and logistics services from basic pallet storage to specialist storage and handling to secure documents. We offer a professional, flexible and realistically priced service.

We offer:

  • No long term lease commitments
  • Only pay for the warehouse space you need
  • Expand and downsize your warehouse space as required
  • Very low cost
  • Fully managed warehouse space

When consumers order products, they expect those products to arrive quickly. At Raah Enterprises, we know that on-time delivery is the key component of the order fulfillment process. We ensure that the order is accurate, shipped with proper packaging and labeling, and arrives undamaged.

Raah Enterprises is fully computerized in all its activities and provides clients with solutions tailored to their individual needs. Raah has a web based real-time secure online ordering and inventory control system. This solution is 100% scalable from one user to thousands of users with different degrees of permissions. Robust integrated management software monitors inventory levels in real-time using our bar-code "tracking" workflow and connects this online "storefront" with our electronically managed warehouse.

Raah Enterprises will store your merchandise for you, pick it off our shelves, and is in charge of getting your company's orders shipped out to your customers' doors and or retail locations in the most timely and economical manner possible.

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